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Neutron Scattering Workshop on
Biomolecular Dynamics and
Protein-Water Interactions

Sept. 24-26 2008 in Feldafing/Munich

Organizers: Wolfgang Doster, Thomas Gutberlet, Christina Scharnagl

The dynamics of biological systems is a general and important topic to understand structure and function of life processes. The workshop addresses recent aspects of biomolecular dynamics in the context of neutron scattering experiments. This includes the controversial discussion concerning the mechanism of the dynamical transition, the role of hydration water, proteins in extreme environments, collective motions, biological function and simulation of neutron scattering spectra.
The workshop provides a forum, where all groups working in the field, can present their point of view.


More than 50 participants have registered to the workshop. Look for the list of participants program.
Due to the limited capabilities to accommodate participants at the workshop venue, registration has been closed and no further participants can register.